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Trading activity

Trading on all of the Continental European markets has been the core business since the Company’s inception.  TEI ENERGY mainly concentrates on intra-European arbitrage through a number of countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Switzerland through the acquisition of interconnection capacity between the individual countries.

From year 2001 to year 2005, the Group was one of the first to operate as a pure trader on the market, despite the lack of market liquidity.  Since then, the TEI ENERGY portfolio has been gradually expanded, diversified and enhanced with new products and services.

At present, TEI ENERGY is active on all main OTC trading platforms, all organised markets, and all of the major electricity exchanges in Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Switzerland, and the Czech Republic), with a particular focus on short-term trading, starting from the day-ahead market up to the point of participating in intra-day markets.

Since 2015, TEI ENERGY has employed new, internally implemented forecasting models with its activity of managing and optimising power generation from renewable sources.  TEI ENERGY has thus harnessed internal expertise in forecasting renewable production and market prices.


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