Our services are in sync with the needs of businesses, and include very useful options and solutions.  For example, TEI ENERGY can help a customer in changing the economic conditions of supply without penalties and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.

Each proposal is customised and unique.

Contact us (e-mail:  sales@tei-energy.com) for an analysis of consumption, and a proposal specifically designed to meet your needs.

Why choose TEI ENERGY S.p.A.?

  • Because the focus on the consumer is the basis for any of our decisions.
  • Because you can request energy consultation at any time (a team of consultants is always available).
  • Because our clarity and transparency are a guarantee for the user.
  • Because you can save time in managing a change in supplier and in looking for the best price in relation to the quality of service offered.

Company fixed gas

This is the TEI ENERGY S.p.A. solution that freezes the price of the raw material component at the wholesale level, substituting a single price established by contract.  The solution is specifically designed for companies that use gas as a primary energy source.

Personalised bids are available for companies that are large consumers and directly linked to the SNAM network.


  • Because it eliminates cost increases by freezing the value of the raw material component for one year, and allows for planning business expenses, without any unexpected changes in the gas bill.


The price is frozen for 12 months, effective as from the date of the actual start-up of the supply of gas.

What do you pay with TEI’s COMPANY FIXED GAS?

  • The price of the raw material that TEI supplies based on the tariff chosen;
  • Transport costs that the transporter charges to TEI;
  • Distribution costs that the local distributor charges to TEI;
  • Taxes (excise) and additional regional taxes, as provided by prevailing laws and regulations.

In order to take advantage of the offer, send an email requesting the service to: sales@tei-energy.com (for the purposes of receiving a contract proposal, attach a copy of a valid identification document and the most recent electricity bill received).

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