TEI ENERGY S.p.A. was set up at the end of 2001 by the Trafigura Group for the purpose of exploiting the effects and advantages of the deregulation of the electricity market, with the intention of having the company become a new player in this developing market.

In 2007, TEI ENERGY became an independent company through a management buy-out.

The strategy implemented was not that of competing with large market participants at their conditions, but rather that of becoming a niche operator, sufficiently flexible to quickly establish a presence in any market sector as soon as opportunities arise and to move into segments that the market has ignored.

Over the years, TEI has developed its activity as an electricity trader and services supplier, building its expertise and capacities in the different areas in which it has operated.

TEI wants to make its expertise available to all companies that want to approach the energy market in Italy and Europe, providing them with a vast array of services capable of satisfying specific needs.